Aeronáutica Civil confirmed millionaire investments in the Pitalito airport

Steps led by Mayor Miguel Antonio Rico Rincón and which were accompanied by civic and political leaders of the region, allowed in the last hours to make an investment of close to 9,700 million pesos for the Surhuilense air terminal.

The Civil Aeronautics through the General Directorate of the Special Administrative Unit announced a new investment in the Contador de Pitalito airport of close to 9,711 million pesos, in compliance with the projections of the master plan that is aimed at turning the local aerodrome into a regular flights airport.

Gonzalo Cárdenas Mahecha, secretary of operational systems of the Civil Aeronautics, in a meeting held in the city of Bogotá, confirmed to the president Laboyano, Miguel Antonio Rico Rincón, the signing of four contracts that are aimed at preparing the studies, designs and construction of the Contador de Pitalito airport platform for $ 6,793 million 203 thousand 635 pesos. Preparation of studies and comprehensive designs for the construction and / or expansion of the buildings and complementary works of the counter airport in an amount of $ 1,673 million 582 thousand 799 pesos.

Likewise, the comprehensive auditing contracts of the two studies and designs were signed, for a value of $ 1,244 million 258 thousand 137 pesos. According to the deadlines, the execution time is 10 months.

Spokespersons for the Civil Aeronautics have pointed out that the Contador de Pitalito airport has great potential for the southern region of the country taking into account its tourist characteristics, its proximity to the municipality of San Agustín, its strategic location and the great coffee production.

One of the main objectives of the Huila leadership, especially in Pitalito and the southern area of ​​the department of Huila, will be to work for the growth of the supply and demand of services in order to transform the Contador airport from being Services Essential to one of Regular Flights, indicated the secretary of operational systems of Civil Aeronautics, Gonzalo Cárdenas Mahecha.